What is Montclair Education Association's (MEA) official position on the Montclair Board of Education bond proposal?

It is my understanding that a quarter of the over 1,000 MEA members are residents of Montclair Township.

It is my hope that the MEA will state its position on this important issue. It is clear to me that a decision should have been made by the previous Montclair Boards of School Estimate (composed of the mayor, two councilpersons and two Board of Education members) to fund Montclair public schools upgrades to ensure that the Montclair public schools maintain state-of-the-art facilities.

I believe that deferred maintenance also leads to additional costs because building construction and maintenance always increases in cost. 

It is generally stated that people are attracted to Montclair because of the quality and reputation of Montclair public schools.  Without the necessary building construction and maintenance, how will Montclair maintain or continue to build its reputation without high quality state of the arts school facilities? I would like to know, and I believe all Montclair residents deserve to know the official positions of MEA and the Montclair Township Council on the Montclair Board of Education Bond Proposal prior to Nov. 8.

I encourage MEA and the Montclair Township Council, and everyone who cares about maintaining and improving education and facilities in Montclair public schools to actively campaign for and to vote yes on the Montclair Board of Education bond proposal on Nov. 8. 

James E. Harris