The Barista is really struggling for a local tie-in for this story. Oh well, who cares? We know from our extensive marketing research that most of you watch the HBO Larry David show “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” even if you think he’s too whiny. We also know that while you intend to read every word in The New Yorker each week, sometimes all you get to are the Roz Chast cartoons.
So your reading service at Barista offers the following:
Remember the episode where Larry goes to a Dodgers game with a prostitute? Well, it turns out that while that show was being filmed, there was a brutal gang killing in the LA suburb of Sun Valley. The guy accused of that crime told authorities he was at the game, but nobody believed his alibi — until his lawyers discovered the “Curb” out-takes and managed to get a positive ID of their client.
Really freaking weird, huh?
Take-home lesson: maybe if you’re the kind of person who needs an alibi, you should hang out at all the movie shoots going on all over the place.