DSCN0724aWhile Barista readers may only be worried about falling trees, lost Internet connections, and college bills, other spots around our area are ready for Osama bin Laden and the Al Qaeda crews.
A report issued last month by the state’s terrorism experts said that New Jersey is a prime target for the bad guys. And is it any wonder? If you want to throw a real monkey wrench into Western civilization, what better way to do it than to blow up a couple of strip malls? But we’re ready. Oh yeah, we’re ready.
Exhibit A: The huge red ball things that the Clifton Target put up in order to keep the bad guys out. Those are likely to stop people hoping to drive a big truck through the doorway any time now! (I’ve also been informed that the Barista’s teenager daughter did point out, during a recent shopping trip, that Target does have….a big target on it…)
DSCN0728aExhibit B: Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better than that, we find out that the CVS by the Bloomfield train station is being just as prepared as all those white marble buildings in Washington, D.C. Planters are great to put outside your doorways when
you’re expecting another big attack or a run on … Breathe-Right strips.