DSCN0769aLast week, a letter from the Township of Bloomfield arrived in the mailbox at my home. My wife opened it while we were at work, and called me immediately to give me the lowdown on the letter. Surprisingly, it was a letter from Housing Inspector Nicole Brennan, informing us that “Bloomfield Township ordinance does not allow anyone to advertise off the property of the advertisement.” Aha! This was in response to the pink signs we had put up around town (and removed, thankyouverymuch) for our yard sale a week earlier.
While the five-line note makes its point, I’m not sure I agree with the English used in the quote above. Does that mean I missed the point after all?
And while the snark is still fresh, it is a great honor to pay homage to the √ɬºber-talented Wonkette by “Translating” this letter into more understandable terms for the rest of us.


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