Montclair revelers were disappointed last night as they gathered along Grove St. to cheer the buses heading to Project Graduation. P6220535 Although the bus route was not published in the Montclair Times, as it has been for the past several years, many assumed that Grove St., long a central gathering place for well wishers and kids with water balloons, would remain part of the route.
Jackie Young and Becca McAusland waited outside of McAusland’s home on Grove with a hose to spray the Class of ’04. Although the hose didn’t stay out long, Young and McAusland (and several others) waited for the buses until nearly 11 pm. They never came.
While Jake and his friends waited for Montclair grads to come by Grove St., our other intern, Brendan Scher, apparently had a seat on the bus. He filed this report today:

After the Montclair High School graduation ceremonies were held indoors (due to the threat of rain), around 375 graduates boarded eight decorated buses at 9:30. The buses were on route to a bright future and an undisclosed location (which happened to be Funplex). Townspeople gathered on the streets to cheer and wave at the graduates. Some of the extremeists sprayed water guns at the buses (I know a few people who say that they got hit by eggs as well).

The party lasted until about 6 am.
OK now, let’s summarize:
1. Bloomfield High School grads (and their relatives) got drenched in thunderstorm and some parents there are demanding resignation of the school board for holding graduation in Foley Field during an electrical storm.
2. Glen Ridge High School grads wore white dresses and white dinner jackets and partied all night in a sumptuous back yard dolled up to look like New Orleans.
3. Montclair grads got sprayed with water and pelted with eggs and went to Funplex for laser-tag.