reagan_photoAs the TV coverage of Ronald Reagan’s demise got sappier and sappier, Montclair resident Thom Kennon got madder and madder. “I was overwhelmed over the weekend,” he said. “I thought: this has got to stop.” So he posted on an “anti-nausea tonic” on Montclair Unmoderated, complaining about the “weird, hysterical mass delusion” going on.

As a public service to people either too young at the time or
currently being bamboozled by this never-ending wave of presidential
historical revisionism, over the next few days I will try to find
and post some nuggets of truth, sanity and perspective about the
lasting damage wrought by Ronald Reagan on this great country. I
was there, and if you were too, please tell me how you are dealing
with this weird, hysterical mass delusion. Please join with me to
ensure that the mindless, sycophantic blathering spewing forth from
the media coverage in does not re-write history without a rational

Naturally, some posters asked him for respect please, until the man’s body is in the ground. But Kennon held his. “No, that’s the point — now is the most important time to attempt some counter-balance to the tidal wave of harmful and inaccurate revisionism.”
“The most important thing Reagan did was dismantle…The New Deal,” he told Barista.
We suspect that many others in the Greater Montclair Metroplex, a bright blue beacon on the political map, agree with Kennon.
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(photo courtesy official Bush for President website)

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