It’s always so difficult to shop for Father’s Day. Maybe because on the way over to the Men’s Department, the Barista sees so many other enticing things for….herself. Still, some acknowledgement must be made for those valiant people who mow the lawns (or at least call the lawn service), bring home the bacon (or at least eat it)… and open those really tight jars.

What does Dad want?
an extra hour to sleep in
a new iPod
digital camera
night out with the wife
night out with the guys
night out with the other guy’s wife
a brand new Mini-Cooper

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And your special bonus poll:

What will Dad get?
‘World’s Best Dad’ mug
What? It’s Father’s Day?

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The Barista got some help on this poll from her little Barista, who knows just what he’ll be getting for Father’s Day in 20 years.

One reply on “What Does Father Want?”

  1. I got the company of the offspring to the ball game, where whining was minimal and the requests for junk food intermittant rather than constant. I showed mercy after 5 innings. That’s what Dads do.

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