madalfredeneumanThe Barista was pretty surprised when she saw this poll from the Record of Bergen, along with the headline that North Jerseyeans are more worried about traffic than they are about another terror attack.
Wait. Let me get this straight. You’re worried that you’ll get stuck on the Parkway after a beach weekend, but you’re not worried that Osama bin Laden has his eye on the Republican Convention this summer? O-kay…
Well, it seems that when you’re living life in the fast lane slow lane, there are plenty of other things to worry about besides getting blown to smithereens. Besides if we worry about that, we just let the terrorists win.
Well, ladies and gentleman, this news forces us into a cataclysmic decision.

What worries you the most these days?
terrorist attack
losing Comcast internet connection
squirrels in the attic
kid not getting into Harvard
kid getting into Harvard and having to pay for it
falling trees
falling stock market
falling boobs
picking the wrong kitchen countertop
no parking spot in Montclair Saturday night
global warming
global freezing
another Mel Gibson movie
no date New Year’s Eve
running out of Prozac
running out of Botox

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