Visual clue #3. The Barista’s vacation is nearing its end, and nobody’s guessed, so we have to become more obvious. The first reader to guess the Barista’s secret undisclosed location gets a free Barista of Bloomfield Ave. mug.
UPDATE: Two winners. Duliciana and Sue both correctly guessed Chincoteague, Va. Congratulations!

2 replies on “Where in the World is Barista Sandiego?”

  1. Too bad you passed up on the Mega Buffet in Pokomoke City. You still have a chance to stop at the Tyson’s Chicken plant in Temperanceville and take the factory tour… but only if you are planning on turning vegetarian.
    And if, while driving past the Hog’s Neck Golf Club in Easton, MD, you happen to see a 6’3″ silver-haired, macular-degenerated 87-year old out there still hacking away, give a honk. That’s my dad.
    When he finally goes, the biggest problem the undertaker is going to have is prying the putter out of his cold dead hands.

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