eleven_miles_westThe Montclair theater company known as 12 Miles West moved closer last week to taking possession of a new stage in Bloomfield. Although we had the story June 16, when it was first announced at the 12 Miles West gala, the Star Ledger reported that on Tuesday night the theater company’s board okayed plans to move to Roberts Lost Picture Show movie theater in Bloomfield. A few more i’s dotted and t’s crossed and it’s a done deal.
But what will they call it? Will it still be 12 Miles West (in honor of its distance from Manhattan)? Or, in tribute to its new location, will it be 11 Miles West or even 10.2 Miles West? By Mapquest, the theater, which was located at 488 Bloomfield Ave. in Montclair, will be moving 1.8 miles southeast when it relocates to 562 Bloomfield Ave. in Bloomfield.
Heck, with a little white-out (or Adobe Photoshop), they might not even have to change their stationery.
UDPATE: It’s official. In a news release sent out on Monday, headlined “12 MILES WEST IS MOVING EAST!”, 12 Miles West announced that a letter of intent had been signed finalizing the lease agreement with the owners of the building that now houses Roberts Lost Picture Show. The movie house, built in 1931, was originally a theater.

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  1. Oh, man!!! This is theatre, not math! If Montclair Radiology can call itself Montclair Radiology in Nutley, then 12 Miles West can call itself 12 Miles West if it’s 10.8 miles west. Or they could call themselves “Generic Mobile Theatre Company”. or maybe “West of Manhattan Theatre Company”. Heck, they can call themselves anything they like as far as I’m concerned, as long as they bring mo’ cultcha ta Boomfiel’.

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