We were cleaning out our e-mail box last night and came across this interesting release. It was just a wee bit wordy, so we thought we’d tweak it a little.

Open Community Arts Meeting
We be (?) an open arts-based community group. believing that art and creative self-expression is a vehicle for the expansion of human potential. We are dedicated to fostering and promoting awareness by providing forums for discussion and platforms for expression encouraging the development of community based art initiatives through creative forms of expression, We have arts education, community outreach, open collaborations, exhibits, concerts, performances, classes, workshops, youth programs, and other weird shit.
We are an intentional community of artists improving the quality of life by supporting one another with mutual understanding, acceptance and respect while creating culture, sharing resources, enhancing the aesthetic of our burgeoning community, heightening awareness around global and local issues through education and advocacy and networking across our diverse worlds. Anybody can join as long as they’re nice.
Want to get involved?
Our next open arts meeting is
Sunday, July 11th
Makeready’s Gallery 214 Artspace
214 Glenridge Avenue in Montclair, NJ
(Where we host The Naked Readings)
Join us for an afternoon of creative collaboration.
Questions? Write to Volunteer@SpiralBridge.org

3 replies on “Arts Meeting Coming Up”

  1. “Anybody can join as long as they’re nice.”
    looks like it might disqualify some…..

  2. “Anybody can join as long as they’re nice.”
    Right of Center said: looks like it might disqualify some…..
    You could try being nice, if you wanted too!

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