Well, the folks at the Yogi Berra Museum must. Their celebrity softball game (between Sweeny Murti’s WFAN All-Stars and the Yogi Berra Museum & Learning Center All- Stars, managed by Yogi Berra) had to be called off twice this week because of rain. First Monday, when it was originally scheduled, and then last night, when the game was rescheduled. They’re now saying they’ll try to play the game in late August. Good luck.
But here’s an indoor diversion that shouldn’t be called off, unless, hmmm, a hurricane? The museum is holding a program tonight called “Do You Believe in Curses?”
What we really want to know is whether not sending around those e-mail chain letters will cause bad things to happen to your hard drive, but this is about the bad fortune that has befallen the Chicago Cubs and the Boston Red Sox. The program, which is related to the museum’s exhibition of the same name, will feature historian/raconteur Bert Randolph Sugar, author Leigh Montville (“Ted Williams: Biography of an American Hero”), WNBC film critic Jeffrey Lyons and Marty Appel, former Yankees PR director. 7 to 9 pm. $10. 973.655.2378