Kerry has picked John Edwards as his running mate.
We also hear that Cheney is still leaning towards Bush as his.
Read Wonkette for the Washington buzz on this story.

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  1. “This is not the time for on-the-job training in the White House on national security issues.”
    John Kerry on John Edwards
    (um…uh…*before* today)

  2. RoC – please be aware that this happens with every single candidate in every single situation. Note that somehow, Bush has gotten McCain to do a campaign ad for him….even after the joke of a move the President ran in South Carolina on him.

  3. Tom,
    Fair enough. However, I think there is an order of magnitude of difference between making an ad for the leader of your party and being Vice President.
    But, Say, that Bush had chosen McCain as VP in 2000. What would it say? Well, precisely the same thing as Kerry choosing Edwards says today. i.e. The criteria is winning the election and not governance as a overriding factor.
    How else can you explain how McCain was Kerry’s first choice!
    Kerry bears the moniker of ‘waffler’ because of such politically expedient choices rather than choices based on core beliefs (not even sure what his are).
    Kerry is not so much running for *something* as he is running against *someone*.
    I think voters would like to know what someone is FOR rather than just what they are against. “Rebuilding Alliances” does not really tell me HOW we are going to keep planes from crashing into buildings…..

  4. And here all this time I thought the Veep position *was* on-the-job training. 14 of our Vice Presidents have gone on to become Presidents.

  5. What ever happened to the *human* right of changing your mind?
    That’s right – as a result of the Patriot Act, you can’t do that anymore.

  6. Federal acts notwithstanding (especially ones passed 98-1 by the US Senate)
    >>What ever happened to the *human* right of changing your mind?
    Hmmm? I wonder what Edwards has done in the last few months to increase his Foreign Policy stature in the mind of Kerry?
    Or, did you mean that Kerry ‘changed is mind’ about which expedient opinion to which he should give voice (nay “believe”) in order to increase his chances of winning the proximate election?

  7. Will his Crossing Over show on Sci-Fi be on hold until the campaign is over?
    I think a tv psychic is a very odd choice. But I guess with Saddam in custody and Osama still on the lam, Kerry went with his 3rd choice.

  8. >>As a conservative, I’ll have to vote for Kerry, but with Edwards as VEEP I’ll have to pray for his good health every day.
    uh….as a Gay, Pro-Choice, Union, Socialist, Progressive, PETA, Secularist for BUSH, I completely sympathize!
    (oh, Bro-th-er)

  9. Whenever I see a comment attached to a fake email address, for me that invalidates the point the the commenter was aiming to make, whether I agree with the point or not. That is cowardice and I have a low opinion of that. I’m generally not one to be disagreeable, but just for argument’s sake, watch this:
    “It’s my opinion that Montclair is not the real New Jersey. It’s more like the upper West Side but with more trees and less garbage.”
    See? My real e-mail address, even though I realize that the comment will probably not be rwell-ecieved by this readership. But, hey – someone had to say it.

  10. Suzette,
    Hmmm? then voting must be the most cowardly act of all?
    Anyway, I think it is funny that some are so concerned with this. (Especially the guy with the the anonymous blog).
    I would think the reason for the anonymity would be obvious – I don’t care to receive your email.
    But that is the difference between some people huh? Some look for some way to feel superior and then hold that up rather than engage in the issues.
    But, to each his own.
    Carry on!
    p.s. Being ‘Right of Center’ in this town is, well, like being Gay in Crawford Texas! Sometimes prudence is in order.
    p.p.s. Kudos for your brave display!

  11. RoC, The Township of Montclair has become a very dangerous place for conservatives. For your own safety, stay anonymous. Love your style!!!

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