pie_stats_2Pizza preferences are, of course, a staple of slow news days. Tom Biro over at NJ.com’s Bloomfield Journal asked his readers to tell him the names of their favorite pizzaries. He’s finally compiled the data in the form of a … pie chart. The biggest slice went to Roma.

7 replies on “I’ll Have the Green Slice, Thank You”

  1. Sorry, Kevin – not rigged at all. Let’s just say that the sample size could have been a little bigger, but it’s not.
    Plus, saying that just because you think something rules means that it’s obviously rigged is kind of silly, don’t you think?
    Anyhow – I’ll count you as one more for Vinnie’s going forward. Hopefully, I’ll get enough more votes to chalk up enother pie chart.

  2. Gee, there’s an interesting idea…. ‘ludes as a topping. Can’t you hear it:
    “Lemme order a large mellow pizza, heavy on the ‘ludes, extra cheese, and anchovies on just one half the pie.”
    Probably no Mountain Dew, or any other high-caffeine beverages would go with such a pie.

  3. hahaha, not really – just through anecdotal evidence do I know of their existence. I hear you can’t get them anymore… I wasn’t meaning to be jumpy, I was just surprised anyone would think this was fixed – kind of silly, I suppose.
    Dean – you could probably get like a Pepsi Edge or C2 with it though – half the sugar and carbs, remember….not as much juice as the hi-test.

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