The Barista wouldn’t want to, in any way, bias the results of an ultra-scientific public opinion survey. But we were surprised to hear yesterday that somebody actually preferred the Decamp 33 bus to the train.
Which raises the question:

Your preferred ride to Manhattan.

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6 replies on “Or Would You Prefer a Broomstick?”

  1. I like the bus better for the cushier seats, the individual lamps, and the no shouting on the phone policy.

  2. This seems to be a suburban thing. When I rode the bus to Manhattan from Staten Island, I never got the “Ick” reaction. Sitting with me were lots of financial services guys. But when I moved to Glen Ridge, the “ick” reaction was uniform. It’s usually said with a “shock, horror” face.

  3. Well, when you have a local bus co. that’s more interested in profits than the comfort and convenience of its passengers, the “ick” reaction goes with the terrirtory.

  4. Which do you prefer to ride on weekends, a train or bus? Oh wait, I forgot, we don’t get train service on weekends because a few people in Montclair prefer it that way.

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