“All beautiful houses are beautiful in the same way,” says our friend Fran Liscio, paraphrasing Tolstoy. “But all ugly houses are ugly in different ways.” The Montclair resident wants to prove her point by creating an art installation that she’s calling, alternatively, “The Unlivable House” or “The Blair House Project.”
Liscio, who’s been to the boring decorator showcases and thinks she can add something more original to the decor dialogue, got her inspiration one day at Home Depot, when she spotted a wallpaper border with Barbies and pink prom dresses. She hopes to combine these with some “Hunchback of Notre Dame” bedsheets for a complete kitsch effect.
Here, she shows off part of her collection, including specimens from the “Wicked Humor” and “Naive” eras of American schlock. Note the Homer Simpson chia head on her lap and the mind-blowing picture of the floating half-glass on the left. (“Where is the other half of the glass?” asks Liscio. “Why isn’t the liquid leaking out?”)
There’s only one catch. Liscio needs someone to donate a space for her installation, such as a storefront, carriage house or gallery space. If you can help her out, send her a line.