DSCN0867aYesterday’s festivities at Bloomfield’s Foley Field brought out a big crowd eager to celebrate the Fourth in grand style. Between whirling rides and zeppoles (though not necessarily in that order), those in attendance were treated to music from Total Soul and the Kootz for the afternoon and early evening.
DSCN0883aAs the sun set, the crowd continued to gather in the stands in anticipation of the fireworks show. And they certainly weren’t disappointed. The oohs and aahs were aplenty as the red, white and blue explosions covered the sky.
The best part? No traffic while leaving the field! Sure, you had to walk – but who would complain about being able to walk down JFK to your car instead of sitting in the passenger seat for half an hour?

One reply on “They really do have fireworks on the 4th!”

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