Yesterday, we wrote about some anti-Remsen materials that were removed from the Hahnes building by the Montclair police.
Chief Sabagh wouldn’t tell us what the posters said — due to an investigation — but Kevin Lee Allen, who spotted them, has reconstructed them to the best of his memory. The slogans were “Question Remsen and Plofker,” “Where’s the Money Going?” and “What Happened to the Arts in Montclair?” and it was signed by a group calling themselves the “Dramatic Opposition.”
Their slogan, Allen recalls: “Keeping Montclair Weird.”
We’ve been noticing a lot of “chatter” on the Montclair Watercooler and Montclair Unmoderated about development in Montclair since the Town Council’s decision July 13 not to landmark the Marlboro Inn.
A group called ECCO-MONTCLAIR (Environmentally Concerned Citizens of Montclair) posted a general call for citizens concerned with “building and development practices in Montclair.” There’s been an ongoing discussion about Dick Grabowski’s development of Church St., which has priced out tenants like the 12 Miles West theater company. Online Montclairians have been debating whether they want Montclair to become another Westfield, whose downtown is now dominated by national chain stores like Victoria’s Secret, Chico’s, the Gap and Banana Republic.
What surprises us most though, if Kevin Allen’s memory is correct, is why the call to action posted on the Hahne’s building would require a police investigation. “Question Remsen and Plofker” … hmmm… reminds us of the “Question Authority” buttons everybody used to wear. Radical, huh? But criminal?

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  1. I am no expert but I expect that Yes, posting flyers or advertising on private property without permission is a likely petty crime.

  2. while there is nothing wrong with questioning authority, that should be direct, not involving litter.
    Also, the comments would have more credibility if signed.

  3. Oh please, “Right”– posting some flyers on a building which has been deserted since the dawn of time is a “crime”??
    Yes, we vould have a MUCH BETTER SOCIETY eef everything was NEAT and CLEAN!!

  4. Latebloomer,
    I make no *value judgement* on said posting, only my (rather sensible, I think) belief that posting advertising or flyers on private property without permission is most likely a crime, albeit a minor one.
    I leave the *judgement* of said actions to those “Left of Center” because at it they are so adept…

  5. p.s.
    I will say, I wholeheartedly agree with your second assertion:
    “Yes, we vould have a MUCH BETTER SOCIETY eef everything was NEAT and CLEAN!!! ”

  6. while the posted protests could be seen as annoying—or ‘litter’—is this really what the police should be spending time investigating? i can’t help think that litter has nothing to do with this at all—here is a public protest message aimed at the mayor and powerful developer. who called the police? why did the police decide to act? and, still rather ridiculous for this police department—they won;t comment because it is under investigation? yeah, this litter thing could be part of a big gang of literati. don;t want that to get out of hand.

  7. Despite the obvious literary merit of such writings as:
    “Keeping Montclair Weird”
    I just have to say that while I can’t speak for the police, isn’t it their *job* to respond to complaints and take appropriate actions if laws (even minor ones) have been broken?
    You are not advocating anarchy in Montclair are you?

  8. p.s.
    Besides, until the new Short-Stop Dunkin’ Donuts is opened in Bloomfield, It gives them something to do!
    (a simple joke, I really have the utmost respect for our police force!)

  9. Oh, the dreaded anarchy in Montclair! Scotch tape removal from the Hahnes Building, erasing chalk drawings on Church Street! Time to call in the Dept. of Homeland security!!

  10. >>Time to call in the Dept. of Homeland security!!
    Well, *now* you are getting overwrought.

  11. Protest is often (and often meant to be) ephemeral. The fact that people are talking about it, especially people who never even saw it, is the point.
    Keep ’em flying!

  12. 43, yes but if the protest is done well the discussion centers on the *issue* and not the method of protest.
    It is a subtle art. I think they need a lilttle more practice. They also might have more credibility if they were back up their claims of implied ‘bribery’. Otherwise it is slander (probably the reason no one takes responsibility)

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