walter_oliver_barn_2How do you win a blue ribbon at the Sussex County Fair if you live in Essex County and don’t even have a prize heifer? Well, one way is to enter their photography contest.
Our friend Walter Oliver, a Glen Ridge resident who took up photography in a serious way a few years ago, actually won two prizes — “Best in Show” and “Most Creative” — for this photograph, “Barn in the Mist.”
If that’s not reason enough to take the drive out to Frankford, check out the racing pigs near the Arts and Crafts tent. There’s also fiddling contests, turkey calling and, of course, those prize heifers. John Shabe at Jersey Side waxes eloquent on the annual ritual, one of few true county fairs left in these parts.
CLARIFICATION: Walter Oliver is a part-time resident of Sussex County and the photograph was shot there. See his comment below.

4 replies on “A Blue Ribbon at the County Fair”

  1. Actually, the contest was open to full or part-time residents of Sussex County. Since my summer house on Culver Lake is in Sussex County, that makes me eligible for the contest.
    The winning photo was shot in Sussex County as well, on Old Clove Road off Route 206 N, heading toward HighPoint and Port Jervis.
    Sorry I didn’t explain that to the Barista earlier.

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