Montclair has the Montclair Watercooler and Montclair Unmoderated. Now Bloomfield has a second message board too. Alison Meyer, a regular at’s Bloomfield Forum, where she posts notes on Board of Ed meetings, has set up her own forum site. She’s keeping out the riffraff by making people register to comment, but even without registering you can catch up on local gossip.
And what’s the favorite gossip topic in Bloomfield these days? The supposed delayed opening of the high school. Alison’s board has a rumor that the presence of fire trucks last week signalled some kind of school-delaying problem with asbestos. (Not true, apparently. Just a false alarm.) And we heard a juicy one: that the high school would open late because there was no roof over the cafeteria. Well, Pat Orsini, Bloomfield High’s principal, told us last week that school will open Sept. 8 as planned. But kids can always hope, can’t they?