We were at a dinner party last night and the subject came around (as it always does) to real estate. Our hostess, a realtor, happened to mention that nothing can be bought in Bloomfield these days for under $350,000. To which our host quipped, “$650,000 is the new $350,000.”
How true. $650 is the new $350, and 50 is the new 40, and khaki is the new black. But, we thought, why stop there?

SATs for grownups. (Pick the best answer.)
Mini-Coopers are the new VW Bugs.
Carbs are the new fats.
Bloomfield is the new Montclair.
Leafblowers are the new Marlboro Inn.
Sushi is the new Chinese food.
Pets are the new children.
Michael Strahan is the new Yogi Berra.
Stage moms are the new soccer moms.
Pilates is the new step class.
Grabowsky is the new Plofker.

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