mcgreevey_resign managing editor John Shabe, who’s on vacation, couldn’t stay away from yesterday’s big Garden State news, so he found an internet connection and did a roundup of how bloggers around the state handled it. Gigglechick, who is clearly better at Photoshop than the Barista (especially when the Barista’s art director is on vacation), came up with McGreevey holding the gay pride flag, along with this observation:

okay, so it’s not a where were you when kennedy got shot, reagan got shot, space shuttle blew up, wham! broke up, princess diana died, jfk jr died, the other space shuttle blew up or anything… but i was at the vet.

Other space shuttle?
That old pol, the Prop, who was actually in Trenton when the news broke, said he’s heard these rumors for years:

Didn’t anyone notice all those slim, well-groomed men he was appointing to various boards and commissions?

Shabe, who was leaving a Red Sox game when he got the news by cell phone from his wife, South Orange blogger Tracey Randinelli, thought she was joking. Several Barista readers, who first caught the news here, had the same reaction.
(Whisper: Yes. Yes it is. And everyone in the media is playing along. McGreevey gay, yes… that’s the ticket…)

7 replies on “Bloggers Do McGreevey”

  1. I think the clever thing on his part is in playing the *victim* somewhat. The issue in my mind is not about being Gay. What about the appointment of his boyfriend to a prominent government position!
    Imagine Monica Lewinsky being appointed to the cabinet!
    But, it is the victim McGreevy will be. (something at which the Democrats are all too accomplished!)
    p.s. What the heck was his wife standing next to him for? Isn’t that odd?

  2. “Imagine Monica Lewinsky being appointed to the cabinet!”
    I like it!
    I think that she’d do a better job than most of the people in there, now!

  3. I’m with ROC on this one. His being gay is immaterial (well, maybe not to his wife). That he appointed his lover to a govt. post paid for by taxpayers is abominable. A post, by the way, in which he was unqualified to hold.

  4. It goes to show that politicians now are no smarter than we were millenia ago. Anyone familiar with Hadrian & Antinous? But still it is tragic, foolish, and calculated all at once.

  5. “Imagine Monica Lewinsky being appointed to the cabinet!”
    Perhaps the Department of Health and Human *Services* ?

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