Montclair resident William Courson tells Montclair Unmoderated that he’s been seeing lots of bumper stickers around town that say “Marriage = One Man + One Woman.” He’s planning to print up some bumper stickers to send the opposite message and has asked the other Unmods for help with a catchy slogans. The best so far: “Marriage = One Human + One Human.”
We haven’t see the “Marriage – 1M +1W” stickers, but we have noticed a few cars with bumper stickers. Maybe this guy would be interested in one of Courson’s stickers (click to enlarge).


Or this guy.

Or even this one.

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  1. I suppose if Osama Bin Laden were a vegetarian who never shopped at Wal Mart we could ‘Teach’ him peace?
    Uh…I’d rather have a gun pointed at his head, thanks.

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