Sure there’s lots of stuff about the upcoming mayoral election, but the most intriguing item lately on’s Bloomfield Forum comes from Alison Meyer.

I just got back from North Carolina tonight. Went to a big Hindu wedding, ate too much, all that. I’ll have to find another way to get that goose from you – I’ve got plenty of time before August 31 to make the diaper prototype!

Aug. 31? That’s right in the middle of the Republican Convention! Not to get all conspiratorial and everything, but do you think “diaper prototype” is like a code word for something?

2 replies on “Catching Up on Our Summer Reading”

  1. LOL. Nooooo, Barista. She’s not talking about the republican convention! August 31 is the date of the next Bloomfield board of education meeting. Some folks have been teasing Alison, because of her dressmaking abilities, that if we can’t get rid of the geese at the middle school, at least Alison could dress them up in fashionable diapers, to keep our kids’ sports fields clean of…um… debris. Prototypes to be modeled on plastic geese at the August BOE meeting. Hopefully the board will find money in the budget to transfer to this worthwhile endeavor. LOL

  2. I’m hoping to catch up soon with another resident who’s offered me her life-size plastic goose as a dress form. I will, of course, need some volunteers to chase geese and, um, diaper them just so we can show how they work.

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