borowy_2 Hank Borowy, a major league pitcher in the 1940’s who hailed from Bloomfield, died Monday. His funeral mass will be held tomorrow in Bloomfield.
Borowy played for both the Yankees and the Cubs and started the 1944 All-Star game, pitching three innings. He was also the last pitcher to get four decisions in a World Series, going 2-2 in 1945. For more on his career, go here.

One reply on “Hank Borowy, Major League Pitcher, Dies”

  1. Hank, not Frank.
    Hank was, of course, in the last World Series the Cubs have been in, period. (They lost to Detroit 4-3.)
    He pitched for Fordham, then was brought up by the Yankees, where he had an ERA of under 3.00.
    The Cubbies acquired him for their stretch run in ’45 and he had the highest win % of any pitcher on the roster.

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