Yeah, we’re hip, we’re happening. We’re sarcastic, cynical and catty. Catty? Did we say catty? What kind of local news site would be without trying to help find poor little Snickers, who disappeared from the Gordonhurst Ave area last month.

Still, we do have to note that this picture of Snickers, which appeared on the Montclair Watercooler with instructions to circulate it widely, is a little strange. He’s leaping over a ….what?… cat carrier? recycling bin? … but staring straight at the camera… It reminds us of someone… Yes… that driving cat on Saturday Night Live. We have to wonder. Are their car keys missing?


2 replies on “Help Find Snickers”

  1. yo!
    Like, thanks for all the ‘boo-hoo’ and all, totally! But, Like, I’m cool. I just hadta, u know, like hit the road and split…
    Oh My God, Man, I couldn’t take it no more with that neighbor lady and her rake! Old lady Kenschaft was always like raking and raking and raking and muttering ALL THE TIME.
    I got, like way-sensitive ears – dudes. That raking was like totally LOUD!
    I was like “whoa! this is bogus!”
    So I said – later days!

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