Montclair resident Michael Laser is taking the Jimmy Stewart approach to saving the Marlboro Inn. He’s put together a petition to give to Steve Plofker, appealing to the developer’s good reputation as a Montclair resident not to destroy the Marlboro Inn and turn the town into Pottersville Plofkerville. Laser’s planning to present the petition today. No word as of last night on the final count of signatures, some of which were being solicited on the Montclair Watercooler into the wee hours.
UPDATE: Mike Laser tells Barista he dropped the petitions, bearing 529 signatures, at Plofker’s Willow St. office around 4 pm today. Laser had his two kids in tow. Plofker appeared to be nowhere in sight. “Why didn’t I lead a mob of angry villagers brandishing pitchforks and torches?” Laser says. “Because this petition is an appeal to Mr. Plofker to be a good guy, not an attack on his character.”
Barista will update whenever we get new information.