Is fat spread by a virus? Sure, all those potato chip molecules just jumped into our bloodstream and infected us.

2 replies on “Maybe Stupidity’s Contagious Too”

  1. If you want more laughs, read the articles which say that people who eat high carbs are thinnner than people who don’t, and then that people who eat low carbs lose more weight. It could make your head spin! (I wonder how many calories that burns?)

  2. I am so sick of all this!
    The reason Americans are so fat and unhealthy is because we are the only developed country that allows our food industry to manufacture foodstuffs containing hydrogenated vegetable oils (trans fats) and high fructose corn syrup. These things will kill you or at the very least give you heart disease and/or diabetes.
    And, when people talk about carbs, they don’t talk about bad carbs vs. good carbs. Fruits and vegetables are the good guys; processed & refined foods, white flour, sugar, etc. are the culprits.
    Read those labels!

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