chelsea_grill_3 Heard over at the Chelsea Grille, which closed after its chef-owner Joseph Palmieri died suddenly this summer, is going to become a Turkish restaurant. A glance across the street while picking up necessities at Whole Foods, provided confirmation. Meanwhile, lights were off tonight over at Church St. Cafe, which had told us that it was going to be serving dinners starting last Thursday.

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  1. Turkish? Jeeez, don’t we have one of those already? Personally, I’d love to see a Cuban restaurant occupy the space…

  2. Oh. Having worked at Liberte, it started out to be French/Turkish (huh?), but they quickly fired the Turkish chef, Vural. I think now it’s about as French as they come.
    The falafel joint on the circle is actually owned by an Israeli, and while their falafel is fantastic, Turks don’t make falafel.
    If anyone wants a good suggestion for Turkish before the new place opens on Bloomfield, go to Toros on Hazel St. in Clifton. Delicious.

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