Famous cook Julia Child just died at the age of 91. Seeing as the Cooler won’t even allow discussion of McGreevey — and Child never lived, worked or caused a ruckus in Montclair as far as we know — we thought we’d tell you.
Thanks to Tom for the heads up.
Cat Morris has a nice piece up on Cat Food honoring the master of French cooking and offering one of her recipes for chicken.

9 replies on “Something Else You Won’t See on the Watercooler”

  1. How about this slogan/sign for Montclair:
    Welcome To Montclair: Please Submit Credentials To ‘Cooler Moderators For Entry

  2. Hey you guys, make a little respect, please. This is about Julia, even if she never bellied up to your Watercooler nor graced the ground anywhere in or around greater Baristaville (did she?).

  3. I was very sad, but then it occurred to me that if a woman who lived on cream, cheese, and wine could live to three days short of her 92nd birthday, then there’s hope for the rest of us. She’ll live on forever in the memory of foodies.

  4. Hear, hear, Allison…yes, Julia never bought into any the fad diet of the minute garbage. Low-carb, this, low-fat that, is it any wonder, American cuisine has grown so tasteless? Julia, you will be missed!

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