How boring is it? Soooooo boring that they can’t even find anything to grouse about over at’s Transit Blog.

… for all the hype and drama in the media, there was very little of interest on my train this morning, aside from the rather compelling novel I brought to work with me.

Yawn. So far, the most exciting piece of news we’re heard is that he was there.

23 replies on “What if They Threw a (Grand Old) Party, and Everyone Left Town?”

  1. That’s fascinating, considering my wife tells me a quality story about the attitudes displayed by police in Newark’s Penn Station to everyone that walked in to take the PATH. The NJ Transit people apparently are falling over themselves to help passengers, which is great, but the police are being nothing but rude in the station and on the platform – which, by the way, you can’t stand on anymore. You have to herd into the little room. And God forbid you have to look up at the train timetable in the main lobby. You’re obviously plotting something.

  2. Hmm….Whatever.
    I don’t think it’s out of line to ask that police aren’t rude and contemptable towards people who are attempting to go to work.

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