4 replies on “Worth the Carbs”

  1. I must admit that I am a corn snob. If it isn’t sweet and can’t just jump off the cob into my mouth, well then it’s “fit”. That was a term I learned as a child from my dad, another corn snob. “Fit” refers to the corn being “fit for pigs.” That chewy, old kinda corn. Ugh. And as a matter of fact, yuck. My mother in law tends to serve fit corn, and overcooked, at that.
    Anyway, the corn I have enjoyed this summer has been heavenly. Given the chance, I’ll chomp on as many cobs as I can. Mmmmmmm.

  2. I agree…in fact, ALL of the fruits and veggies I’ve had this summer have been divine! I think it’s all the rain we’ve had.

  3. And some of the best corn this season has been at the Saturday farmers market in Montclair!
    Whole Foods’ corn is also very good.
    Anyone try cooking it on the grill? It’s supposed to be great!
    All corn is not equal, though. I bought some at a farm market in Randolph last week. Supposedly “just picked.” Yeah, it was just picked up from the trough where the pigs refused to eat it.

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