Greg Burnett, a controversial member of the Bloomfield Board of Education, has apparently resigned from the school board. At Monday night’s board meeting, board president Barbara Francisco read an e-mail from Burnett saying that he would show up to offer his resignation at the meeting. Although Burnett did not show — and had missed two previous ones, according to our board watchers — the board accepted the resignation and announced that it would take applications for new members.
Burnett, for many years president of the school board, was at the helm of the board last fall when teachers, frustrated by lack of a contract, showed up to Back to School Night dressed in black. His contributions to the board’s extensive dress code discussions also won him enemies among parents. And yesterday, this poem, an “Ode to the BOE,” showed up in celebration of his departure.
Barista tried calling his house this morning and found the phone disconnected.
Bloomfield’s Independent Press had a story last week about rumors of Burnett’s pending resignation, as well an editorial chiding the school board for too close an association with Bloomfield’s Republican party.

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  1. Let’s just hope that the BOE uses good judgement and selects an individual who has the desire to serve the educational interests of our students, not the desire to serve a political or personal agenda. Last election we had three new members, all fathers of school aged children, elected to the board. I supported all three because for them, the happenings in our schools were not theoretical, their own children would be impacted by whatever decisions (good or bad) the BOE enacted. The members are now evenly split among those with children in school and those without. I’d like to see another parent added to the roster.

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