Paul Brubaker has a fascinating article in today’s Montclair Times about the family of a 9/11 victim that was invited to the county’s memorial service in Eagle Rock Reservation only to discover that their fallen father’s name was not carved into the memorial. The victim was Michael Stewart, who moved to Montclair in 1993. According to Patrick Morelli, the Cedar Grove artist who designed the memorial, fixing the mistake would cost about $50,000.

5 replies on “Carved in Stone (Not)”

  1. Tackiness and shoddiness are almost a given when work is rushed. For a project so important, and long-lasting, it’s a real shame.

  2. I’ve not felt the same about the memorial since my encounter there with it’s designer in August. He was handing out glossy pamphlets about the memorial and it’s designer (himself!). We read them and then tried to give them back (so he could reuse, instead of us recycling them). He insisted that we keep them “in case the kids have to do a school project.” If my kids ever have to do a 9/11 related report, I am hoping they’ll be sighting sources other than this self-promoting artist.

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