Weekend_forecast_2 We hate to be a wet blanket, but in addition to two great fairs scheduled for the weekend, there’s a projection of rain. The first fair’s the Bloomfield Harvest Fest, 10 to 6 on Saturday and 12 to 6 on Sunday, rain or shine. The other’s the Fine Arts & Craft Fair in Anderson Park, Upper Montclair, 10-5 both days. Both fairs are scheduled to go on rain or shine. Barista plans to hand out balloons at Bloomfield’s Harvest Fest — clouds or shine. Maybe even sprinkles or shine. But we ain’t standing out in no stinkin’ downpour.
Well, maybe Ivan will take a sharp turn out to the Atlantic. One can hope.

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  1. Don’t worry ROC, your president isn’t there. In fact he hasn’t been there but 10 days since May 30. I guess he has better things to do.

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