Music_car_1_2 Spotted today at the intersection of Park and Bellevue in Upper Montclair, by Ridger Warren Levinson, on his first bike ride since splitting his head open during the Republican convention. Click on picture for a larger image.

4 replies on “Is This What They Mean by an Artsy Town?”

  1. I know the woman who owns this car…she’s a really cool artist and musician from Montclair. She changes the car around every few months….neat!

  2. Barista – please do your devoted readers a favor and pursue this story. Interview the owner, post closeups of the decorations, inquire about the status of the Montclair art car parade.

  3. We have one of these too — a woman with a station wagon whose roof is completely covered with tiny glued on action figures. She gets so many questions she actually has a FAQ posted in the rear window to answer questions like “Do you take it to the car wash?” (No.)
    BTW, the Jersey Jackals are playing the North Shore in the Northeast League series. First game tomorrow evening in Yogi Berra field. I’ll be going to the Mass. games. Let me know if you wanna coordinate coverage.

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