No offense anyone, but after spending the afternoon taking a 12-year-old around, trying to get a hair trim, rather than a hair cut, and frustrating every barber and hairdresser in a 10-mile radius, we’ve decided to spend our Presidential Debate evening at home with this guy, who will be live (for a change) at 11 pm. Guess that makes us a “stoned slacker.” Well, if the shoe fits…. More on the “stoned slacker” controversy here and here.
And while waiting for the political fireworks to start, take this quiz. We aced it and we’re pretty sure Barista’s high-powered readership will too.

2 replies on “Last-Minute Debate Plans”

  1. Doood look at you you are like so stoned I can’t believe how wasted you are you are totally fried maaaan.
    Don’t feel bad. Three time zones removed from you the debate conflicts with dinner and homework. I’m running tape on Mr. Stewart and the debate. I’ll probably get up around 6 tomorrow morning and have a look.

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