Ami_2_1 There’s a barista competing in the CBS’s ninth edition of the toss-them-off-the-island show: “Survivor: Vanuatu,” which debuts Thursday night. Her name is Ami Cusack, she hails from Colorado, she’s gay and…she slings coffee for a living. That gives us reason enough to root for her. Maybe we should even consider a sponsorship? Send her a Barista t-shirt? Or, hey what could be better on an island than a Barista beach ball?
But, in our current state of mind, it kind of reminds us of our little reality show. Here’s your Barista, playing in a little media island that includes the Star Ledger, the Montclair Times, the Glen Ridge Paper, the Independent Press,, Suburban Essex, Montclair Life and Leisure, the Montclair Watercooler. With our own arch-nemesis, Right of Center. Will Phil Read of the Ledger scoop her again? Will the Barista get enough advertising to remain on the island? It’s an adventure! Stay tuned.

3 replies on “Not That We Care About This Sort of Thing”

  1. Too late for a sponsorship deal. The show is long since taped and concluded. Besides, aren’t they only allowed to bring one personal item? Of course, think of the many things you could do with a latte cup. You could cook in it, catch fish with it…

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