Glen Ridge students go back to school next Tuesday, Bloomfield on Wednesday, and Montclair on Thursday. But many students in the Maplewood-South Orange school district actually went back to school yesterday, and the rest return today.
Pre-Labor Day school starts are common in the south and midwest, but we haven’t seen them yet in these parts. Will Maplewood’s calendar rollback give local districts the idea of starting earlier next year? We sure hope not.

2 replies on “School Starts”

  1. Oh let’s hope not. I’ve always loved summer vacation. No schedules, no homework (well, until this year :-p~~~), no *GROUP PROJECTS*, no drama…
    Last year Bloomfield returned the week after Labor Day, this year we’re back to our old schedule of returning on LD week. Wish we had the extra week, especially because it would give the custodial staff more time to ready the high school and the contractors more time to do whatever noisy thing they’re doing now, without disturbing education.

  2. This isn’t the first time school in M/SO has started before Labor Day. They did it at least once before, in (iirc) 2000.
    And sheesh, GC – the school year is too short already!

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