Take_back_your_timeWhen Montclair Serge Lescouarnec suggested to the North Jersey Fast Company Circle of Friends lunch group on Thursday that it might consider celebrating “Take Back Your Time Day,” he was greeted with stunned silence. It’s actually officially scheduled for Sun. Oct. 24, but Lescouarnec suggested the group consider choosing Fri. Oct. 29.
Fri. Oct. 29, to those who have children in the schools, may be possibly be the one day in the calendar with the least time to take back. The Friday before Halloween is traditionally the time that school Halloween parties and parades take place, and in Glen Ridge, kids are even *horrors* sent home for lunch. Between the sugar, the driving, the carving of pumpkins and charging the camcorder, it may very well be the most stressful day of the mom calendar.
Still, we think Lescouarnec’s suggestion would have been met with stupified silence in any event. Time? Sorry, we don’t have any. We gave at the office. And at home. And at Back to School Night.
September has been a blur of night meetings and paperwork in duplicate, with the Stress Meter high up in the red. Take back your time? Hmmm. Maybe that’s not a bad idea, after all. But rather than schedule another event, let’s skip one. Here’s your free (clip and save) pass.

Sorry I missed the ________________________. I know this was a very important _______________________, critical to the health, safety and moral fiber of my community. But I was just too tired. And Barista of Bloomfield Ave. (www.baristanetnew.wpengine.com) said it was ok.

All right. We feel better now. Take the rest of the day off.
And for those to whom it applies, have a light fast.