A 17-year-old Westfield girl died last week, apparently of complications arising from plastic surgery she’d had Sept. 1 at a Montclair outpatient clinic. According to the Star-Ledger, which ran the story today, the Westfield girl, Lisa Novick, had seizures the night following the surgery and died after being taken twice to Overlook Hospital.
Dr. Allen D. Rosen, quoted in the story saying that Lisa came out of recovery happy and fine, was a friend of the girl’s parents, both doctors. He made “best doctor” lists in both New York Magazine and New Jersey Life this year.

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  1. This is unfortunate and very sad but deaths as a result of this procedure are VERY rare in healthy people. I believe the Star Ledger said less than 3%. An autopsy will reveal if she had a pre-existing condition that might have played a role in her death.
    My heart goes out to her family.

  2. Does anyone know the results of the autopsy? It’s very tragic & disturbing that someone so young could die from what seems to be a minor operation.

  3. I am doing research for a serious major network documentary on the realities of plastic surgery and would very much like to find a teen who has (unfortunately) had a bad experience with a botched plastic surgery.
    This is happening all the time. Teens need to see more than the Swan and Extreme Makeover to know both sides of this coin; that surgery of any kind can have serious consequences.
    Please contact me if you or a friend has had this experience and would like to tell your story so that it does not happen to others.

  4. She was amazing. I miss her and how she always tried to make everyone feel so good about their self. It is beyond me why she was tormented about her her nose, she was a beautiful girl. It hurts to realize that before the doctors made disastrous mistakes, it was the lifelong taunting she endured from malicious peers that actually set the stage for our heartbreak and loss. I could go on forever about her but I’ll just leave you with this collage my brother made from the last time we were together, our summer of 2004 family vacation.
    Her memory is so much more than a medical journal statistic.

  5. Is this simple procedure really that dangerous? It is something I am considering but am afraid of the complications.

  6. Is this simple procedure really that dangerous? It is something I am considering but am afraid of the complications.

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