Chris Castellani, who writes’s Montclair blog, has a post up on 10 places to eat in Montclair when you’re hungry.
No offense, but it looks like Castellani’s only two food groups are meat and sugar, occasionally combined as in his number 2 choice, the BBQ Meat Sampler @ Indigo Smoke.
We at the Barista prefer things that are slimy, wrapped in seaweed and served with wasabi — a food group that is well represented both in Montclair and Bloomfield. But that’s just us.

One reply on “What, No Sushi?”

  1. for those of us both vegetarian and watching weight, this is a list of foods to avoid! Love the vegetarian sushi at Aozora, the orange-flavor tofu at Sesame, the Wednesday buffet at Satish Palace, and the Hummus sandwich at Raymond’s. Bloomfield’s Brookside Thai has vegetarian versions of just about everything, and their pad thai and gang ped mamoung are my faves. Pandan had nothing veggie when I went, but their salmon was close to perfection. When I’m feeling self-indulgent, a doc holiday baby bag at Hathaway’s really hits the spot.

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