Cat Morris here – yep I know you usually read me on the food page, but seeing as I’m in the process of buying my very own, very first house in the great town of Montclair I decided maybe I could share some of my trials and tribulations with everybody. I’ve lived in Montclair since 1989 – always a renter, but now if the planets align just right – I’ll be closing on my home in October!
I’ve been looking at houses since early May and have seen some very interesting things to be sure but the critter that’s living in the attic at my soon to be humble abode takes the cake.
Any new homeowners out there find anything this strange? Email me a photo and we’ll post it. If you have a good/horror story about home buying and the scary things lurking in old houses send it on as well to
Cat Morris

2 replies on “What’s In Your Attic???”

  1. Cat, if this isn’t inspiration to make Chocolate Mousse soon, I don’t know what is. Good luck with the new house!

  2. I showed that house! and cant remember which one it was
    good luck -we thought it would be a very good hat rack!

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