The wife of a plumbing store owner was found dead in her husband’s store in Bloomfield last weekend.

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  1. The violent loss of live is a tragic event. However, I hope that this doesn’t become a forum for death penalty debate.

  2. I am against the Death Penalty. Mostly because I don’t think punishment by death is moral.
    However, I do think prisoners should be made to work off their debt to soceity AND the victims.
    There should be a term of punishment AND and dollar amount assigned to their “debt” no parole, ever, period. They get out when their time is served AND when their debt is paid. They work in prision. Learn a trade and pay $$ back. “Pay” them a reasonable amount for the work.
    If they choose not to work then their sentance becomes life by default. Restitution should be paid directly to the victims.
    We got plenty of bridges need sanding and painting!

  3. interesting quotes
    “Strazza said it was unusual for her sister to be working on a Saturday”
    “Nobody saw or heard anything.”
    I wonder what the robbers took – a couple of faucets, copper piping, plumbing tape?

  4. That’s a truly callous comment. She went in to take care of some bookkeeping stuff, something small business owners find themselves having to do on occasion, and regardless of whether the business or the victim was robbed, or what exactly was stolen, an innocent person was murdered. It’s not unusual for nothing to be seen, as the business is a mostly windowless concrete building alongside the Parkway, and its parking lot is only partly visible to a couple of two-family homes. I don’t know why I’m explaining to someone whose take on this was so sarcastic and unfeeling, except perhaps to quash any similar opinions his/her comment might give rise to.

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