The latest Quinnipiac poll, for which yours truly was questioned, finds Kerry and Bush in a dead heat for New Jersey.
A week ago, Kerry was leading by four percentage points.
Thanks to Right of Center for pointing out that the poll results had been released.

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  1. Anyone wishing to help change NJ to a red state (and it is quite possible) can contact:
    Bush Cheney Victory Headquarters in Somerset county. They know how you or someone else can get in touch with people in any area.

  2. Does anyone know where I can get Bush/Cheney campaign buttons? I know I can order them online but it makes no sense to me to pay shipping and handling costs that add up to more than the cost of the item(s) being ordered!
    ROC: I called that number and they had no clue where to find buttons.

  3. Re: Miss Martta’s question about BC ’04 Campaign stuff, I have some yard signs, posters and stickers that I’d be happy to share with anyone who wants them. Bush is taking this state seriously. Not only has he visited (unlike his opponent), but his surrogates have been working hard to take the message all over the Garden State. Rallies that I attended in Bergen and Monmouth co’s were packed with people far beyond “the usual Republican crowd.”

  4. uh-oh – does this mean the Republicans are going to send people to the polls to harrass voters like they are doing in Ohio and Florida?

  5. …and like the Democrats are doing (and have done for years) in Philadelphia?
    Just a friendly reminder that neither party is free of thuggery.

  6. Philly is an interesting case. In some of the heavily Democratic Districts in 2000 they had such a heavy voter turnout that 108% of the voting age population for that district voted!
    108% now THAT is civic mindedness.
    Also, interesting to note the past DNC chair Gov. Rendel wanted the deadline for military absentee ballots extended in the primaries when some counties did not send them out in time.
    Now, his state will dissalow military absentee ballots that are late in the general electioin even though some counties did not send the ballots in time pending the results of the Democratic Party’s lawsiuts to keep Nader off the ballot.

  7. you mean the fact that philadelphia has more registered voters than citizens?
    that could be do to the Motor Voter act and the fact that voter records are not purged often (it’s difficult, because of the act, to remove the names.)
    let’s see how many actually vote.

  8. No left,
    108% of the census figures for voting age adults *those districts* actually *turned up* and “actually voted”.
    No way to spin it but fraud.
    The national average is something like 52%
    The election system in this country is a mess largely because it is left up to states and municipalities.
    Its a mess. But the Dems are part and parcel of it as well as the Repubs. you don’t get a free pass.
    (sorry to burst the “we good – they evil” bubble)

  9. NJ is Kerry country. So is PA. Bush’s problem is not to tie Kerry but to get over 50%.
    ROC–try bursting your own bubble. You seem the most interested of anyone who posts in insulting the other side.

  10. Cite your figures, ROC.
    Gore received 80% of the Philadelphia vote:
    Plus, Gore beat Bush by huge margins in a lot of metro areas:
    3.8 million in NY vs. Bush’s 2.2
    5.7 million vs. 4.4 m in California
    and here:
    it’s no surprise to me that progressive cities vote in big numbers for democrats.

  11. here’s more:
    county data on the 2000 election:
    New York, NY
    Gore: 450,000 to Bush: 80,000
    San Francisco
    Gore: 241,000 to Bush: 51,000
    Los Angeles:
    Gore 1.7 Million to Bush: 870,000
    and just to come full circle:
    G: 450,000 to Bush: 100,000
    all this can be found here: (click state, then go to county graph)

  12. Well, Left,
    You might have me. I am quoting from memory from a book called Stealing Elections in America by John Fund. If I still have the book I will look for the stats.
    And while I am looking, maybe you coulud explain Rendell’s turn about on the Military Absentee ballots in PA.

  13. “108% now THAT is civic mindedness.”
    Sounds like Afghanistan, where 10 million voters registered in a country with only 8 million eligible. You’d think Bush would be trumpeting the stat in Philly like he did the one in Central Asia.

  14. look, ROC, I don’t think we should get into a “defend every member of your party” match here. You’re right that all politicians do shady things but right now there is massive attemps by the Republicans to stop people who lean democratic from voting and that is very very wrong. and, if you think i get this from air america or some other left-wacko news source, here is a credible report from two days ago:
    but for the record, here is one rendell quote (for which I do not defend or oppose):
    There’s a big difference between then and now, Rendell has said. For the primary elections, 10 counties had failed to send absentee ballots overseas on time. That, the governor said, amounted to “overwhelming evidence that counties had not lived up to their obligation.”
    from here:

  15. It’s interesting to note that Bush and Kerry are at a dead heat in NJ Interesting because NJ was thought to be a Kerry state. Half those polled, it seems, DON’T hate Bush and are NOT sold on Kerry. are Neither candidate it seems is a shoo in.
    By the way, still looking for Bush buttons and bumper stickers!

  16. “The election system in this country is a mess largely because it is left up to states and municipalities.”
    Are you suggesting that the Federal government should take over the election system?

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