We’re told that there will a crowd at the Bloomfield Board of Ed meeting tonight to discuss the controversial high school dress code. Dozens of students have been suspended under the rule. On Friday, about half the students in the school wore oversized white t-shirts — against the code — in a collective protest.
Don’t be surprised if the board also gets an earful about a minor flap — the school district’s decision not to close for Columbus Day. (A half-day was held). “Wake up before it is too late,” said a poster on NJ.com’s Bloomfield Forum, wondering if all the town’s Italian-Americans have moved to East Hanover and West Caldwell. “Kids don’t even sing ‘Bloomfield USA’ or pray in school anymore!!!”
UPDATE: Our favorite Bloomfield school board maven, Alison Meyer, tells us that, in a bit of an unusual twist, tonight’s meeting starts at 6:30 pm.

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  1. “Bloomfield USA”? Could you hum a few bars?
    Gotta say, a family dinner on Sunday drew outrage from the four grandparents: “What do you MEAN they have school tomorrow???”

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