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  1. I felt badly for the BoA guy (he didn’t even work for BoA, he was some local contractor of theirs) who had to stand up in front of the Historic Preservation Commission last month to present his re-re-revised proposal for the BoA sign that would hang on the building. This is the only BoA branch in the country that isn’t going to have a sign in BoA’s typical color scheme, because the HPC ruled that it would detract from the character of the building.
    BoA’s corporate colors? Red, white and blue.

  2. Notice on front door says:
    “ATM in adjacent bldg”.
    Do they mean the P.O. next door or the
    drive-thru several blocks down Bloomfield Ave or where else?

  3. I just went into a new Fleet-BofA branch today in Paramus, and it looks like a Denny’s restaurant. Great job by the GR historic commision for preserving the original look of the Glen Ridge Savings Bank.

  4. “too f*cking bad for BofA. And congrats to GR for having the courage to enforce local design standards.”
    Yeah! You tell `em, Kevin! Down with your conformity, corporate America! Here in Montclair, you must implement our local, faux-populist version of conformity, instead!

  5. I wonder if it was the red, white and blue that was the real issue or the word “America” ?
    Not that I like Bank of America. But it *is* pretty easy for GR to have very tough sign ordinances, isn’t it? They hardly have any.
    And Kevin, please watch your *&%$#* language!

  6. I still wonder how that Fleet->BofA branch on Broad St. down by the CVS in Bloomfield exists without an ATM. Like, people go there?

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