People were lining up as early as 5 am at the Clifton Commons Costco today for $15 flu shots. The store stuck 250 people and turned down about an equal number of people who got there too late. With no more flu vaccine coming, Costco-Clifton has cancelled plans for several more flu shot clinics.

2 replies on “Even the Warehouse Store Ran Out”

  1. The funny thing is that if there were no shortage of vaccine there would be no crush of people trying so desperately to get a flu shot this year.
    People always want what they can’t have…

  2. I think that’s probably a fallacy. My wife, for instance, has really bad asthma and has been unable to get a shot – which she gets every year – so far, and she would most likely be considered “high risk” by most of the places offering them. So if she winds up with walking pneumonia, which a lot of asthmatics do if they get the flu, I’ll keep in mind that most people “only want what they can’t have.”
    It’s a problem when since the first moment that there was a shortage and there were hundreds of people being turned away. Trust me – people get their flu shots.

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