A reader writes to tell us that somebody’s stealing Kerry-Edwards signs right off of lawns in Bloomfield.

Last night around midnight someone removed most of the Kerry-Edwards signs from Lowell Terrace. My neighbor, who interrupted the theft when she looked out the window, saw an unidentified black car speed away.
Lowell Terrace is one block long and dead-ends on Brookdale Park…so, it’s not like they are just driving by and saw the signs. Are Kerry-Edwards signs beign stolen all through Baristaville?

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  1. What a contrast, eh? The recent elections in Afghanistan with threats of the murder (and some *actual* murder) of voters and candidates vs. some suburban lawn signs gone missing.
    “Now it gets ugly”

  2. Interestingly, in my city neighborhood the signs have been safe….. not our cars, just the signs….

  3. I brought a Bush-Cheney sign to Wilkes-Barre with the intention of putting it on the front lawn. It’s hostile territory here, so I ended up putting it up in the front window for its own safety.

  4. Yeah, my Bush/Cheney sign was stolen from my dead end street in Upper Montclair. Do you hear me bitch and moan? I bought 4 more in anticipation of more hostile libs stealing personal property.

  5. someone took the “support the troops” magnet off the back of my car.. that’s annoying because it’s not even political.. !

  6. Actually everyone should be bitching and moaning about this. This is America for crying out loud. All the candidates, regardless of party affiliation should be defenders of free speech and fair elections. Ideally, they should want people showing their support of any and all parties, because ideally everyone should be encouraged to participate in the political process. Anyone who steals signs as a means to effect the election either just doesn’t get it, or lacks faith that their candidate can win on her/her own merits.
    I know I’m speaking about how it should work in the ideal world, but in this case, shouldn’t we all be idealists?

  7. I guess for protection against the Bush/Cheney sign thieves ya’ll ‘ll need some good strategery…the enemy will never stop thinking of ways to harm us AND NEITHER WILL WE!

  8. Al Qaeda operatives are stealing Dem and GOP signs alike so we won’t know who to vote for — all in an attempt to throw the country into chaos, or at least into a tizzy.
    Or, maybe it was those evil pot smokers hanging out near Brookdale Park.

  9. I think it’s a serious issue when someone, in effect, uses blatant theft to rob you of your right to have your say. And saying it’s ok because worse things happen elsewhere is just plain silly.

  10. Martin’s right. This is a pretty serious threat to our Democracy. I hope the police are going into overtime and stepping up patrols.
    Martin, please. My Bush Cheney sign was defaced with a sharpie. So I got another one!
    The burdens of Democracy are heavy – we must bear them together.

  11. There is no doubt the lawn sign theives are related to the “drive 25” sign culprits. Anti-social donkeys or elephants they need to be resisted. Lawn signs are a few steps from Graffitti, graffitti from smashed windows, smashed windows from biased assaults. Intollerance in all forms is to be resisted fellow citizens. Those who dismiss it advance it and those who merely protest without action do nothing to stop it’s spread.

  12. Regarding lawn signs:
    I went to the democratic quarters on broad street in bloomfield and no kerry signs are available. they have no info on locations to vote, no signs… and apparently some are being stolen off lawns… anyone can recommend where to obtain more signs?

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