We wish we weren’t already double scheduled and could show up at tonight’s meeting at Bloomfield High School, where the powers-that-be will explain exactly what’s going on with construction there. Certain to come up, an evacuation of the school that took place on a recent Friday, apparently caused by a construction-related leak of hydraulic fluid.
We will be surprised if the unrelated subjects of the high school dress code and cell phone restrictions don’t also come up. Word on NJ.com’s Bloomfield Forum is that a girl got suspended this week for wearing an off-the-shoulder sweatshirt, which drooped to reveal *horrors* a tank top. One mother on the forum threatens dire action if her kids get kicked out for dress code violations.
The meeting is at 7:30 pm.

One reply on “Raising the Roof”

  1. I know a few people going there tonight. I can supply you with info if you would like. In the meantime though I can predict that they feel the students’ pain, and during this stressful time we must all work together blah blah blah, but when the school is done, we will have a state of the art high school blah blah blah…
    But in the meantime, the kids there now are getting the short end of the stick — and now, they’re hammering them over dress code, too. Really, what SHOULD one wear to a construction site every day?
    50 year old novels, text books being held together with tape and a prayer, hallways so crowded that students cannot get from “here” to “there” (depending on the location of “here” and “there” in the building) in the alotted (allotted?) four minutes, being warehoused in study halls when electives fill up, the invention of “senior privilege” as a way to get a quarter of the kids out of that crowded building for a few periods each day…
    … but still they continue to act like “dress code” is the most pressing issue facing the school. Pure fantasy.
    Too bad they’ve a long-standing ban on hats. Else every student could dress as Bob The Builder for Halloween.

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